Have you been searching for raw milk kefir in South Florida? Devour Me Creamery’s milk kefirs are all 100% raw and made with milk from animals living their best lives on small family-owned farms.

We currently make the following milk kefirs to support your gut health goals:

  • Cow Milk Kefir
  • Goat Milk Kefir
  • Sheep Milk Kefir

Don’t know which one to choose? Continue reading to find out more information about our amazing raw milk kefirs, made fresh weekly!

Cow Milk Kefir

Our cow’s milk kefir is made from high quality grass-fed milk from Jersey and Guernsey cows. We love milk from Jersey and Guernsey cows because they are high in butterfat, which gives our cow kefir a yellow tint and a super thick and creamy texture. Jersey and Guernsey cows also have the highest likelihood of being A2-dominant.

Cow’s milk kefir is the most tart of our kefirs, and also very creamy and thick.

Goat Milk Kefir

Our goat’s milk kefir is made with milk that comes from pastured goats that are free to much on the things they love–vegetation such as grass and trees! Our goat’s milk kefir is the thinnest of the kefir, and perfect for you if you like a less tart kefir.

Sheep Milk Kefir

Our sheep milk kefir comes from sheep on their natural diets as well! Sheep like to forage for their food and our sheep milk comes from a farm where they have plenty of access to fresh green pasture! Sheep milk kefir is super thick and creamy and can be used as yogurt–yes, it’s that thick! It is also the mildest when it comes to how sour it is. It’s also great for making probiotic ice cream! Yummm….

What’s the difference with our kefirs?

Our kefirs are fermented traditionally, under anaerobic environments, leading to less of a yeasty taste and more tartness. We ferment in glass and sell in glass as well. This preserves the flavor of our kefir. We also fully ferment our kefirs (at least 24 hours) to greatly reduce lactose and milk proteins. It is safer, more nutritious and tastes better this way!

Our milk kefirs are the perfect choice for those on a journey to improve or maintain gut health.

Locations to get our kefir:

You can find our milk kefir in Palm Beach County at the Palm Beach Gardens GreenMarket on Sundays from 8AM-1PM at the Bio-Farm Grassfed Provisions Booth (look for the delicious pastured eggs in the cute purplish/pinkish cartons!), multiple stores in Broward County and a couple stores in Miami-Dade County. You can also order from The Joy of Organics Buying Club along with fresh produce and other grass-fed items!

You can find our raw milk kefir in Miami at the 2 Verde Market locations, one in Midtown (Edgewater) and one in South Miami (perfect for those of you in Coral Gables, Doral, Homestead, etc.).

A few of our partner stores deliver to Miami, and each of them can also deliver raw milk, cheese and butter, pastured meats and more! For locations and more information, click here!